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Dance Puppetry

Shadow Show

Date:  October 15 - 29 By Appt.

Time:  TBA

Location:  Studio - Farmington, MO

Age Groups Invited:  Juniors, PreTeens, Teens, Seniors

Session Length:  1 Dancer Per 45 Minutes

Session Details: This is a completely new shoot that we've never done before, but we are excited to give this a try!  Dancers will be able to suspend off the ground (not high off the ground) to do poses like a Marionette/doll on strings, on a set that will look like a stage.


Doll / Puppet type of clothing


Coordinate shoes w/outfit or barefeet.


Coordinate w/outfit


Coordinate w/outfit


One Outfit Per Session

*Wardrobe, HMU and travel will be the responsibility of the dancer.

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