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Story / Journey
(Challenge Shoot)


Date/Time:  Sept - Jan By Appt

Location:  TBA

Age Groups Invited:  Juniors, PreTeens, Teens, Seniors

Session Length:  1 Dancer Per 45 Minutes

Session Details: This is YOUR chance to tell the world your story through dance & imagery.  It can be of ANYTHING...of who you are, about an experience, a relationship, a person, place, animal or thing.  It can be of something happy, scary, sad, funny, whimsical...  I want this shoot to be very individualized, with YOUR ideas.  Let's see what we can together create to make a powerful image.

Location of the shoot can be outdoors, in my studio, or at a location, within a reasonable distance (unless you want to take me to Europe! LOL).

You are welcomed to have a person, props and/or animal(s) with you as part of your shoot.

The possibilities are ENDLESS!  


Anything Goes.


Anything Goes.


Anything Goes. 


Anything Goes.


Anything Goes.

*Wardrobe, HMU and travel will be the responsibility of the dancer.

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